Custom Butcher

Whether you’re cooking for a few on a casual weekday or for all those “friends” that decided to “drop by,” if you can’t find something to throw on the grill in our nearly sixteen feet of showcase, you don’t want it*.

Our custom cut butcher is something of an anomaly these days. You’d be hard pressed to find anything like us on the mainland, let alone down the shore! A throwback to a bygone era, you won’t find any pre-packed meats in our cases. What you will find is USDA Choice meats & pork, fresh poultry and house-made sausages & burgers and an actual conversation with a real person doing the cutting; every day.

Come on by and get what our regular customers call, “the best meat on the island.”

* If you do want it though, we can order most any cut for you, without special handling fees or extra charges.